Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'm blogging!! Yaaaay!

Leaf Turner Tales, has officially been launched with this post and I have my friend (somewhat of an inspiration) Bidisha to thank (Go check out her blog http://talkmusebanter.blogspot.in/ .It is absolutely adorbs). Well, for starters I wouldn't be blogging had it not been for her and OUR undying, never ebbing love for books and all things literary. I absolutely heart books! I wonder now why I never got blogging sooner. Well, there is the procrastination that I follow through almost religiously for anything that I do. But, I also have to admit that the lovely book-blogs I follow are kind of intimidating to someone who is only a beginner. My introductory post pales in comparison.

So, about my blog. I'm here to talk about books that I love. But you might occasionally find me jabbering about movies and music too. Basically, I'll be talking about everything that has a story to tell. Crushing ( not the crumple-rumple kind) on story after story.


  1. Thanks for stoping by my blog and entering my giveaway and for following! (I'm following you too)
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, your blog is so cute! If you ever want to do a guest review on my blog just let me know! I know what it's like to be a newbie blogger.
    Good luck!

    -Kimberly @ www.turningthepagesx.blogspot.com

    P.s. drop b my blog again soon I'll be hosting another giveaway soon.

  2. Thank you so much, Kimberly! I'm trying to get a hang of blogging and everything related to it. I'd love to do a guest review on your blog. Thank you so much, again :)

  3. What a nice blog. I look forward t seeing a lot more of your musings.
    Gwynneth White

  4. Yay! Just e-mail me @ turning.the.pages@hotmail.com and we'll work out the details about your guest review :)